Infant baptism is to celebrate faith already transforming the lives of the parents and of the community a faith that will be shared, by word and example, with the newly baptized infants as they grow into responsible young adulthood. Parents and community must clearly understand the Christian meaning of baptism and freely choose to celebrate the sacrament as a time of growth in their own relationship with God.
For Christians, Christ is the “sacrament,” the effective sign of  God’s love and mercy and power in our lives. Since Christ acts through His Church – the Christian community – the sacraments need to be understood and seen in the context of the saving actions of the community of believers.  Baptism is the door to life and to the kingdom of God. It is the beginning of the initiation into a life committed to Christ.
Baptism is without fruit if not lived out and calls the person  in this life to actively engage in  Christ’s  mission and to become like Christ--the revelation of God’s love.  Parents and the community, in choosing baptism for an  infant, accept the responsibility to continue the initiation of the baptized through the Eucharist and Confirmation--growth towards Christian maturity.
For an infant to be baptized lawfully it is required:
• that the parents, or at least one of them, or the person who lawfully holds place, give their consent;
• that there be a well-founded hope that the child will be brought up in the Catholic religion.
Arrangements for Baptism are to be made through a personal conversation with the parish priest or designated minister--prior to the Baptism.
The purpose of this is for the Church to express our joy at the birth of their child, help the parents come to the awareness of the significance of this event in the faith life of their family and to extend an invitation to parents and families to enter more fully into the life of the church and to discern their openness to do so. Parents may arrange for this conversation prior to the birth of their child.
Parents are expected to participate in a preparation process for the baptism of their children. In the baptism of infants, parents take responsibility for choosing a godparent(s) who will serve as good examples for living the Catholic way of life.
A godparent can later serve as a sponsor of the child when he/she is confirmed. It is customary to have two godparents, however only one is required for baptism. A godparent may be either male or female. If two Godparents are chosen, one must be male and one female. A godparent must be a fully initiated Roman Catholic, (baptized, confirmed and receiving the Eucharist), at least sixteen years of age. A baptized non-Catholic may be chosen as a Christian witness provided there is at least one Catholic godparent.
To learn more about the sacrament of Baptism or to arrange for the Baptism of your child, please contact our parish office at 623-930-1127.