Special Area Classes
Spanish classes, based on diocesan curriculum standards, provide what students need to know of and about the language and culture of countries where Spanish is the heritage language. The six strands of the Spanish curriculum are:  communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities. The last strand identifies where the student will use Spanish to reinforce the content learned in the area of religion. This strand brings the doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church into the study of World Languages within our rapidly changing and developing world.
Computers (PK-8)
Computer classes in pre-kindergarten through 8th grade provide children with the opportunity to learn and acquire a variety of skills dependent upon grade level.  In order to ensure that all students have the skills and capacity to solve the complex problems facing society today and in the future, Educational Technology Standards guide efforts to enhance student learning through the integration of technology and academics.
Our music program is designed to develop the whole person by promoting the spiritual, moral, physical, creative, and intellectual development of each student. The fine arts curriculum standards have been developed to provide specific information regarding course content and process skills. Students demonstrate what they have learned or created through school Masses as well as musical performances.
Physical education is based on a sequential, instructional program in which students develop physically active lifestyles, that promote lifelong fitness and  good health. The planned curriculum of skills and concepts promotes optimal  development of physical, spiritual and mental wellness with emphasis on  positive  self-concept, social behavior, leadership ability, and moral development. All  students at St. Louis the King Catholic School participate in the Presidential  Youth Fitness Program www.pyfp.org 
Our school library offers students a location to study, explore, and learn. The librarian, a certified reading specialists, introduces and guides students in selecting reading material from a variety of genre to promote developing a life-long love for reading.  As part of the Accelerated Reading program, students check out books and reading material as well as take computer generated  reading quizzes to increase reading comprehension.