Mission Statement

St. Louis the King Catholic School provides a high quality education in a
caring, Gospel-centered environment.


As Catholic educators entrusted with the growth and development of each child,

We strive:

·        To recognize the primary responsibility parents have for the education of their child and       the necessary involvement of home and school.

·        To teach and reinforce values based on Sacred Scripture and principles of social justice.

·        To emphasize Christian community and foster experiences of prayer and worship.

·        To create an environment that encourages excitement for learning.   

·        To implement a curriculum that makes it possible for each student to accept increased         responsibility for his/her own learning and achievement.

·        To encourage interaction and cooperation in curricular and extra‑curricular activities.

·        To provide educational experiences appreciating fine arts and diverse cultures.

·        To model and teach self‑discipline skills.

·        To develop strategies to meet the St. Louis the King Catholic School's Student Learning       Expectations.