Student Learning Expectations


St. Louis the King Catholic School students C.A.R.E. by being a(n):

Christian Witness who:

·        Has basic knowledge of Scripture, liturgy and teachings of the Church.

·        Shows reverence and participates during liturgies, prayers, and Sacraments.

·        Serves others.

Active Learner who:

·        Strives for academic excellence.

·        Applies problem-solving and critical thinking strategies.

·        Is self-motivated to do their personal best.

·        Uses resources effectively.

 Responsible Leader/Citizen who:

·        Respects self, others, and things.

·        Makes good moral choices.

·        Demonstrates concern for others and our world

·        Is aware of social justice issues.

 Effective Communicator who:

·        Uses written and oral communication skills effectively.

·        Utilizes appropriate social skills.

·        Works cooperatively with others.